Bihar Board 12th English Viral Question 2023

Bihar Board 12th English Viral Question 2023: यहाँ से Download करें, English Viral Question, Link Active, Bihar Bseb

Bihar Board 12th English Viral Question 2023: यहाँ से Download करें, English Viral Question, Link Active, Bihar Bseb

Bihar Board 12th English Viral Question 2023:

बिहार बोर्ड 12th English 100 Marks की परीक्षा 04/02/2023 के लिए अति- महत्वपूर्ण प्रश्न है जो आपके परीक्षा में सीधे लड़ने वाला है प्रश्न तो सभी छात्र यह प्रश्न को अच्छी तरह से याद कर ले और साथ ही Pdf भी Download कर सकते हैं |

 12th ENGLISH 100 Marks 2023

Bihar Board 12th English Viral Question 2023
Bihar Board 12th English Viral Question 2023

1.How Free is the Press is written by ……….?

(A) HE Bates                             (B) Dr. Zakir Hussain

(C) Dorothy L Sayers                 (D) Bertrand Russell


2.According to Pearl S Buck, the Indian people are deeply …………?

(A) honest                         (B) content

(C) religious                       (D) devoted


3.Pearl S. Buck had a an.. family doctor,

(Choose the correct oprion)

(A) Chinese                 (B) Indian

(C) African                  (D) American


4.Who was Lomov?

(A) a businessman                    (B) a gardener

(C) a landowner                 (D) a grocer


5.Lomov wants to marry … ….. (Choose the correct option)

(A) Jessica                          (B) Natalia

(C) Susan                           (D) Florence


6. John Donne is a …… poct.

(A) war                               (B) romantic

(C) metaphysical                (D) modern


7.Sweatest Love I Do Not Goc is written by

(A) John Donne                 (B) Kamala Das

(C) D. H. Lawrence              (b) Walt Whitman


8.Walt Whitman is …… years old.

(A) 35                         (B) 36

(C) 37                         (D) 38


9.The line ‘And the prams go rolling on’ if from …………..?

(Choose the correct option)

(A) Snake                                  (B) To Autumn

(C) Now the Leaves Are Falling Fast        (D) Fire Hymn


10.The leaves are falling ………?

(A) fast                        (B) slow

(C) good                     (D) soon


11.”Think not of them, thou hast thy music too.’ – is from:

(A) An Autumn                  (B) Fire-Hymn

(C) Ode to Autumn            (D) The Soldier


12. ..…… was a great lover of Nature.

(A) John Keats                   (B) WH Auden

(C) Rupert Brooke              (D) John Donne


13.The line, ‘I think she was the most beautiful lady’is from–  

(Choose the correct option)

(A) Snake                           (B) Fire Hymn

(C) TO Autumn                  (D) An Epitaph


14.An Epitaph is written by ………?

(A) John Keats                   (B) Walter de la Mare

(C) John Danne                  (D) W.H. Auden


15.How many ‘war sonnets’ did Brooke write?

(A) five                              (B) six

(C) seven                           (D) eight


16.The poet in ‘The Soldier’ is depicting the miseries of …….?

(A) war                               (B) nature

(C) relation .                       (D) love


17.’He’s broken every human law’ -is from:

(A) Snake                                  (B) Song of Myself

(C) Macavity- The Mystery Cat  (D) Ode to Autumn


18.Who finds Macavity lazy and half asleep?

(A) T.S. Eliot                       (B) DH Lawrence

(C) Kamala Das                  (D) None of these


19.They were watching me. (Choose the best passive voice)

(A) I was watched by them (B) They were watched by me

(C) I was being watched     (D) Me was watched by them


20.Your books should be read. (Choose the best Active voice)

(A) Read your books.          (B) You read your books.

(C) Your books read           (D) Your books may read.


21.The danger of corona virus is being faced by us.

(Choose the best Active voice)

(A) Faced by us is danger of corona virus.

(B) Us facing the danger of corona virus.

(C) We are facing the dangers of corona virus.

(D) Corona virus is the danger facing by us.


22.I wish I ………. a minister. (Choose the correct tense form)

(A) was                       (B) had

(C) have                      (D) were


23.Have you ……….. Rakesh? (Choose the correct tense forms)

(A) see                               (B) Saw

(C) seeing                          (D) seen


24.When Radha ………… back, she will sleep. (Choose the correct tense forms)

(A) will come                     (B) comes

(C) came                            (D) has come


25.We ………… obey the laws. (Choose the correct auxiliary verb)

(A) would                    (B) should

(C) can                        (D) could


26.Last year my English course ………. thirty lessons.

(Choose the correct auxiliary verb)

(A) include                  (B) will include

(C) including               (D) included


27.He labours hard. He has to survive.

(Choose the suitable combination of sentences)

(A) He labouring hard and has to survive

(B) He laboured hard and is surviving

(C) He is labouring hard and had to survive

(D) He labours hard to survive


28.I read a book. Then I sleep. (Choose the suitable combination)

(A) I read a book then I sleep.

(B) Before sleeping I read a book.

(C) I sleep then read a book.            (D) I read and I sleep.


29.Radhika was late. She could not catch the bus.           (Choose the suitable combination)

(A) Radhika was late but could not catch the bus.

(B) Being late, Radhika did not catch the bus.

(C) Radhika is late and did not catch the bus.

(D) Radhika is late so she could not catch the bus.


30.She ran out of the room. She was screaming.

(Choose the suitable combination)

(A) She ran to the room screaming.

(B) She ran out the room screaming.

(C) She had run to the room screaming.

(D) She ran out of the room screaming.


31.Kamlesh has been ………… .. his house for a few days.

(Choose the correct tense forms)

(A) repaired                       (B) repairing

(C) had repaired                 (D) will repair


32.Rahim …………. for Mumbai next week.

(Choose the correct tense forms)

(A) has been leaving                 (B) is leaving

(C) has left                                (D) left


33.A snake charmer …… cobra a poisonous snake.

(Choose the correct tense forms)

(A) will catching                 (B) catches

(C) have caught                 (D) None of these


34.I …………. eaten.              (Choose the correct auxiliary verb)

(A) have                      (B) might

(C) may                       (D) should


35.We ……be married next week.(Choose the correct auxiliary verb)

(A) must                     (B) have

(C) will                        (D) are


36. ……… you prefer tea or coffee?(Choose the correct auxiliary verb)

(A) Can                              (B) Could

(C) Would                          (D) Will


37.We………. keep the City clean. (Choose the correct auxiliary verb)

(A) will                 (B) should

(C) shall               (D) could


38.Everyone will admit it. (Choose the suitable negative sentence)

(A) Deny it nobody.                  (B) Everyone will not deny.

(C) No one will deny it.             (D) Deny will no one.


39.Every rose has a thom. (Choose the suitable negative sentence)

(A) There is no rose without a thom.

(B) Every rose has not a thom.

(C) Ever does not have a thom.        (D) None of these


40.He is too fat to walk. (Choose the suitable negative sentence)

(A) He is not too fat to walk.

(B) He is so fat that he can’t walk.

(C) He is so fat to walk.

(D) He is fater than he should to walk.


41.Can anyone put up with such conduct?

(Choose the suitable negative sentence)

(A) No one can put up with such conduct.

(B) Can anyone not put up with such conduct.

(C) Anyone can’t put up with such conduct.

(D) No one can’t put up with such conduct.


42.We can make no progress if we continue working ……….. these conditions.           (Choose the correct preposition)

(A) into                       (B) with

(C) under                    (D) for


43.Choose the correct sentences :

(A) He failed in the Physics.             (B) He failed in Physics.

(C) Physics failed is he.                     (D) He is Physics failed.


44.Choose the correct sentences :

(A) Sid can play Tennis as good as his brother.

(B) Sid will play Tennis as well as his brother.

(C) Sid can play Tennis as good as his brother.

(D) She had played Tennis as good as his brother.


45.Choose the correct sentences :

(A) Abhay is running very fast.         (B) Abhay is running very fastly.

(C) Abhay is running more fast.     (D) Abhay is running the fastest.


46.Choose the correct sentence:

(A) I always wanted to singing.

(B) I always wanted to been a singer.

(C) I always wanted to be a singer.

(D) I always wanted to have singing.



47.He came on ……….. foot. (Choose the best Articles)

(A) a                           (B) an

(C) the                        (D) None of these


48.Don’t make ……….. noise. (Choose the best Articles)

(A) a                           (B) an

(C) the                        (D) None of these


49.Have you seen ………… Red Fort. (Choose the best Articles)

(A) a                           (B) an

(C) the                        (D) None of these


50.Once there was …… king. (Choose the best Articles)

(A) a                           (B) an

(C) the                        (D) None of these


51.Sri Lanka is …… island. (Choose the best Anicles)

(A) an                  (B) a

(C) the                 (D) None of these


52.Choose the correctly spelt word:

(A) Athist                    (B) Atheist

(C) Athest                   (D) Athiest


53.Choose the correctly spelt word:

(A) allotted                 (B) alouted

(C) alloted                   (D) aloted


54.A car runs …… petrol. (Choose the suitable prepositions)

(A) by                         (B) at

(C) on                         (D) in


55.Patna is ….. the bank of the Ganga.

(Choose the suitable prepositions)

(A) at                   (B) on

(C) of                   (D) to


56.Cut apples ………… knife.

(Choose the suitable preposhlons)

(A) with                             (B) by

(C) from                             (D) at


57.Love turned ………. hatred, (Choose the suitable prepositions)

(A) into                       (B) in

(C) among                  (D) of


58.The dog can …… the road. (Choose the suitable prepositions)

(A) across                    (B) with

(C) for                         (D) through


59.He is …… Germany. (Choose the suitable prepositions)

(A) in                          (B) at

(C) upon                     (D) None of these


60.Choose the correct sentence :

(A) The railways will compensate us for the loss

(B) The railways will compensate us with the loss

(C) The railways will compensate we for the loss

(D) The railways will compensate us with the lose


61.Choose the correct sentences :

(A) He is in a good health.        (B) Health is a good is he.

(C) He is good health in.           (D) He is in good health.


62.Choose the correctly spelt word:

(A) beginning                    (B) bigining

(C) begeneng                    (D) beginning


63.Choose the correctly spelt word:

(A) Disuaded               (B) dissunded

(C) dessuoded             (D) diysaded


64.Choose the correctly spelt word:

(A) erudition                      (B) crudition

(C) cruddition                    (D) credution


65.Choose the correctly spelt word:

(A) clauds.                   (B) klouds

(C) clouds                   (D) klauds


66.Who sits carelessly on the granary floor in ‘Ode to Autumn’?                           (Choose the correct option)

(A) Old man                       (B) Children

(C) Young men                  (D) Woman


67.You ……laughing. (Choose the most correct options)

(A) had                       (B) have

(C) is                           (D) are


68.The police …… arrested the thief.(Choose the most correct options)

(A) has                               (B) have

(C) had                              (D) will


69.Ram and Yogendra …… great friends.

(Choose the most correct options)

(A) are                        (B) is

(C) has                        (D) have


70.Eight miles …… a long distance. (Choose the most correct options)

(A) is                                  (B) are

(C) was                              (D) were


71.My friend and I …………. our homework everyday.

(Choose the most correct options)

(A) do                         (B) does

(C) did                        (D) has done


72.He said to me, “You have to go at once.”

(Choose the correct Indirect Speech)

(A) He says to me to go at once.

(B) He told me that I had to go at once.

(C) He said to me go at once.   (D) I told him to go at once.


73.Which language is not our native language?

(A) English                  (B) Hindi

(C) Tamil                     (D) Malayalam


74.Who dominated Indian politics from 1915 to 1948 ?

(A) J.L. Nehru                     (B) Sardar Patel

(C) M. Gandhi                    (D) S.C. Bose


75.“There is nothing like honesty”. Who says this in the story ‘A Pinch of Snuff?

(A) Sohanlal                       (B) Ratiram

(C) Nanukaka                     (D) Mohanlal


76.Nanukaka was coming from Delhi to see some .

(A) ministers               (B) doctors

(C) friends                   (D) governors.


77.Martin Luther King Jr. belonged to ………?

(A) The USA                       (B) Britain

(C) Germany                      (D) France


78.Who was influenced by Gandhiji ?

(A) Martin Luther King Jr.                 (B) Dr. Zakir Hussain

(C) Bertrand Russell                         (D) H.E. Bates


79.Has civlization taught us to be more ………… towards one another ?

(A) enemy                   (B) angry

(C) upset                            (D) friendly


80.Who was a philosopher,historian and a mathematician ?

(A) M. Gandhi                    (B) Dr. Zakir Hussain

(C) Bertrand Russell            (D) H.E. Bates


81.Isha says, “The teacher will check the notebook tomorrow.”         (Choose the correct Indirect Speech)

(A) Isha said that the teacher would check the notebook tomorrow.

(B) Isha said that the teacher will check the notebook tomorrow.

(C) Isha says that the teacher will check the notebook the next day.

(D) Isha said that the teacher will check the notebook the next day.


82.The price of mangoes ……. gone up.

(Choose the correct auxilia

(A) was                              (B) has

(C) were                             (D) haves


83.His salary is ten thousand rupees ………… month.

(Choose the best article)

(A) a                           (B) an

(C) the                        (D) None of these


84.The teacher said to him, “Do not read so fast.”

(Choose the correct Direct Speech)

(A) The teacher said to him not read fastly.

(B) The teacher advised him not to read very fast.

(C) Read not very fastly said the teacher.

(D) The teacher had asked him not to read fast.


85.He asked me where I was going.(Choose the correct Direct Speech)

(A) “Where have you going?” he asked me.

(B) “Where going you are?” he asked me.

(C) “Where are you going?” he said to me.

(D) “Where are you going?” he asked me.


86.Two and two ………. four, (Choose the correct tense forms)

(A) makes                          (B) made

(C) has made                     (D) have made


87.Shiga Naoya belonged to which century?

(A) 17th century                 (B) 18th century

(C) 19th  century                (D) 20th century


88.Shiga Naoya is a …… Writer.

(A) Japanese               (B) Chinese

(C) Indian                    (D) Bhutanese


89.A Child is Born is written by ……….?

(A). Germaine Greer                  (B) H. E. Betes

(C) Anton P Chekhov                (D) Shiga Naoya


90.Dorothy L. Sayers says that press is free

(Choose the correct option)

(A) everywhere                         (B) somewhere

(C) nowhere                              (D) at most places


91.Keki N Daruwalla was a …… poet.

(A) Parsi                      (B) Hindu

(C) Christian                (D) Muslim


92.Fire Hymn is written by ……..?

(A) Rupert Brooke                     (B) TS Eliot

(C) Kamala Das                         (D) Keki N Daruwala


93.The poet is filled with protest because …………?

(A) he fears the snake (B) he doesn’t want the snake to go

(C) he wants to kill the snake    (D) he doesn’t want to kill it


94.Who decided to hit the snake?

(A) DH Lawrence                       (B) TS Eliot

(C) Keki N Daruwala                  (D) None of these


95.‘That woman died, the house withdrew into silence’- is from:

(A) My Grandmother’s House          (B) Ode to Autumn

(C) Snake                                         (D) Fire-Hymn


96.Which language has became a global language ?

(A) English                         (B) Hindi

(C) French                          (D) Latin





97.Who are known as the international Indian English writers ?

(A) Salman Rushdie and V S Naipul

(B) R.K. Narayan & Mulk Raj Anand

(C) Anita Desai and Anita Ghosh

(D) Sarojini Naidu and Arundhati Roy


98.Who wrote “Indian Civilization and Culture?”

(A) Mahatma Gandhi         (B) Jawahar Lal Nehru

(C) Zakir Hussain                (D) HE Bates


99.Bharat is my home is written by ……..?

(A) Anton P Chekhov                (B) Pearl S Buck

(C) Dr. Zakir Hussain                 (D) Mahatma Gandhi


100.Dr. Zakir Hussain became the President of India in .

(A) 1969                      (B) 1967

(C) 1966                      (D) 1965


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12th English 100 Marks
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